Random bullet points….

  • White supremacy is thriving and becoming so normalized right now which is so scary, debilitating, and disheartening. 
  • So many so called ‘Christians’ are more like Pharisees and do not truly reflect or live like the Jesus that I follow and worship.
  • No matter if I yell or calmly mention to educators their words and actions are complicit, whiteness to still flourishes in schools. My ‘voice’ hurts and is becoming hoarse.
  • I’m struggling to write and put together meaningful thoughts in sentence form. 
  • It is very hard to be an educator and parent. 
  • I miss the kids and some of my colleagues from my last school. 
  • When someone gives you feedback, just process it as that, feedback.
  • Although I love my new school, I miss working in public school.
  • I’m becoming more discerning and perceptive of people’s intent and motivation. It has been very helpful for me to avoid potential pitfalls and setbacks personally and professionally.
  • It is emotionally draining to work at the same school your children attend. 
  • I need more educators to move past and stop hiding behind kindness.
  • Grateful to have found people (outside of my family) who I consider sincere friends because they show love, support, and care for me consistently. 
  • I remember one of the major reasons I retired from competing in powerlifting. Meet prep is no joke and not for the faint of heart, body or mind.
  • I forgot about how stressful, tiring but meaningful coaching a basketball team is. 
  • When I ask questions I care. I want you to clarify for me and also for yourself. 
  • As a follower of Christ, it is emotional and very moving to get to witness your children worshipping God weekly. 
  • I’m tired and my random thoughts are done. 

2 thoughts on “Random bullet points….

  1. Hi Shana, thanks for sharing all of these and for everything you share on Twitter, especially when your voice is getting raw. I especially appreciate seeing how your faith intersects with anti-racism. I’m over here benefiting from your feed all the time, and lots that you share finds its way into the ongoing conversations I have with my white Christian family, friends, and organizations about privilege and racism.

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