Shana V. White

Eductor. Advocate. Problem-Solver. Learner. Leader.

Professional Development

Over the past 5 years, I have been asked to lead a variety of professional development sessions for teachers, educational leaders, and those adjacent to education. I have also been a member of the CSTA Teacher Standards Writing team as well as the CSTA Inclusive Teaching Writing team lead. The topics I have facilitated professional learning include: STEAM/STEM, Equity in CS, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Anti-Racism in Education, Inclusive Learning, Critical Race Theory, Social Justice in the classroom, advocacy for marginalized student groups, advocating as a Black parent, and CS for Good. The following are the organizations/events I have been asked to speak for: ISTE, ASCD, CSTA, Code.org, Discovery Education, UF DOE Collective, IntegratED/IPDX, EduCon, CSEdWeek2019, Google CS Education, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Darlington County Public Schools (SC), Gwinnett County Public Schools (GA), and Fulton County Public Schools (GA).

Presentation Links:

The Collaboratory

The Collaboratory was an inclusive learning environment that allowed for students to engage in STEAM, hands-on, and inquiry based learning with their core subjects and content standards. Twenty four unique lessons were created and utilized by students to enhance learning experiences and increase understanding of concepts, as well as provide opportunity to use technology.

Patriot Pathfinders

Patriot Pathfinders was an enrichment group of 40 sixth grade students who engaged in computational thinking and computer science. The goal of the program was to take 40 students who earned developing or proficient on their previous year’s standardized math and reading scores, expose them to computational thinking and computer science daily with the hopes that they would earn distinguished by the end of the school year on state test.


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