The Message

When I turned on my phone the other morning I received multiple notifications: one for my good friend’s birthday (who is awesome) and the second one was that my blog has been around on WordPress for exactly one year. Wow, one year really?

This blog has been a huge undertaking for me as a very private introvert, but has provided others a window into my world, my brain and my life over the past year. There have been so many changes for me mostly professionally and seeing my growth over the past year has been mind blowing. There has not been a time in my professional life until recently where I felt like what I said mattered or that people listened to me. I was chillin’ and quite comfy on my island. Even though my island was comfortable for the most part, my spirit was still restless. During most of those ten years it felt “like a jungle sometimes” and I regularly was going under. This blog (which I would not have started unless suggested to do so by Rafranz), has really allowed me the freedom to carve a space where my thoughts and words matter and are heard. Instead of those feelings of restlessness or mental gymnastics often felt on my island, I write as a form of release (along with powerlifting, which helps too). Blogging and this means of verbal expression has helped calm me as the crazy world of edtech and inequality in schools seems to always push me “close to the edge.” Although I have this blog, keeping my head/emotions in check and keeping things close to the vest is essential to the space I’m currently working in. Despite the prohibitive nature of my current workspace, I feel I have always navigated this edtech blogosphere authentically and earnestly, although there is still always more work to be done.

As I’m finishing his book, Jose said “I don’t see myself as the only one who has this voice.” This statement so powerful and humble was one of the many from This is Not a Test that has rang true to me. There are so many more competent, wise, hard working educators who have come before me that still actively work and speak out against the system. I’m honored to work along side and support from behind some of them in my own way. I’m also continuing to connect with, support, encourage, and cheer for these determined activists in our schools and communities. Their commitment and unrelenting drive to bring change to our schools and districts is inspiring and motivating. It reminds me that whatever I can do, even small acts, can play a role in flipping the script on business as usual mindsets in school. I am glad that I have begun using my blog as a means to share my voice as well as a provide messages of solidarity and support for those educators/activists who “are about that life.” Right now my only question is why didn’t I do this sooner? 

My message isn’t always pretty or fancy and includes moments of struggle and frustration but the message won’t waver. It will always remain a light that can’t be completely hidden or covered. This message is one of continued fight through actions and words against status quo, no matter how uncomfortable it makes people feel. It is through the constant living and preaching of this message by myself and countless others that those tip toeing around will begin to step their game up and do better for all kids. I know I’ve stepped on a few toes already, but I also know I’ve helped some of these same people recognize what they bring to the table in schools is not enough and should be better. I know my little dent or pocket of influence might not mean much to some right now and that’s okay.  My purpose and intent will always remain true which makes the dent matter. I hope by this time next year when I’m celebrating year two of my blog, the dent is bigger and more toes have felt the sole of my shoe only because more changes are being made. I commit to remain steadfast with the intent to take one step at a time delivering the message, following the blueprint and footsteps of those great educational leaders who keep blazing the trail and have shown me the way. So to them I give a salute and say, “keep on moving, don’t stop, no…..”


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